Ultimate Excel Project Management Template

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Analysistabs Project Management Templates is our most Popular and #1 selling template for more than 5 years, making it the most trusted and complete Excel Project and Portfolio Management Template on the market.  Powerful options & tools, unlimited designs, unique template options framework and amazing support are the reasons our customers have fallen in love.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible. Read below to find out why the sky’s the limit when using Analysistabs Excel Project Management Template.

Ulitmate Project Management Template


We built and enhanced this template based on our customers across the globe. We took years to reach this state of the template with Dynamic Dashboards, Powerful Gantt Chart, Easy to use data sheets and Template Options.


Dynamic dashboards helps you to understand your Projects and Resource using rich graphical visualizations. Charts and Information will change based on selected Project or Person.  Powerful and Interactive Dashboards for you that you need unique, professional, clean, creative visualizations. All graphics designed using built-in Excel Charts, Shapes and Styles. We have created separate Worksheet for dashboard Calculations, you can unhide the sheets and change the formulas if required. You can add your own Charts and other visual graphics to the sheets if required.

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Executive Dashboard helps you to have a high-level overview of your Project Plans, Budget, Risks, Timelines and Progress.

Resource Summary Dashboard helps you to visualize Project Plans, Budget, Risks, Timelines and Progress of specific Person.

Project Summary Dashboard helps you to visualize specific Project Plans, Budget, Risks, Timelines and Progress.


Powerful Gantt Chart with numerous tools to drill down into any level of the project. Now you can analyse your plans and see the visual representation of your timelines dynamically.

And Many More Advanced Gantt Options

Now you can able to apply the multiple filters to drill-down into any level.

Now you can display or hide the Milestones on Gantt Chart.

Now you can Hide or display the Project Tasks on Gantt Chart.

You can now show the Project Labels on the Gantt Bars.

You can highlight the Gantt Fields with color bars and arrow to easily understand the figures.

Option provided to show a divider line between projects. It is useful when you are analyzing multiple projects.

Holidays on the Gantt chart can be highlighted when you select DAILY view on Gantt chart.

You can choose different fields to show on Gantt Table.

Now you can choose different fields to show on Gantt Table along with your Milestone and Tasks.

We have maintained separate Calculations sheet to perform all Gantt Chart formulas (Now you have full access).


Easy to use and update Data Entry Tables created in separate worksheets. You can add new items and update in the respective sheet. All the dashboards and Gantt chart will update automatically based on changes made in the data sheet. There are 9 data sheets included in this template for entering and managing your data.

Professional Data Sheets:

Add and manage all your project level information in this worksheet.

Add and manage your team members information in this worksheet.

You can add and manage list of your clients and the important information in this worksheet.

You can add and manage Project Milestones and Tasks in this worksheet. We have provided easy to use controls to simplify your data entry operation.

Now you can manage all risks and issues against your projects and responsible persons.

An easy to use worksheet to manage all your Invoices with raised, paid and due details.

Now you can capture all billable expenses related to your projects. This is also included in  Project Budget calculations.

Database sheet of File Manager, this sheet is hidden by default, you can unhide for bulk editing of the data.

We have provided a separate sheet to manage all predefined lists in the LISTS worksheet.


Analysistabs does not limit you to one setup, we prefer to give you options. Customize almost every part of the template using our Template Options Area. You can Modify the Logo, Color Styles, Menu Labels, Colors; we let you decide. You can change the look and styles of the template with a button click. We have provided verity of the options to customize the templates to suite your needs.

Take Control of Your Template. Yeah, There’s An Option For That.

Provided a separate Template Settings worksheet with set of features, options and tools make it the most versatile template on the market by allowing you to take control of virtually every aspect and section of the template.  The powerful customization options & features give you flexibility to create the template you want.


You can enter Name, Title, Contact Number, Email, Company Name, Company Website and Company Address.


You can select LOGO of your company and choose your preferences to use the LOGO.


You can change the look and feel of your template using verity of the styling options provided. Headers, Gantt Chart Bar Colors and Font Colors, Size, etc.


You can choose the Navigation type and change the colors of the Side Navigation Buttons. You can also change the left menu labels.


Control the calendar popup control. you can choose when to appear or completely disable the date picker.


You can specify the list of company holidays, this will be ignored in the project schedules calculations.


You can set company working days and weekends. You can set this by leave blank for working days and selecting YES option for weekends.


Translate Avada into any language, or use one of our dozen included language files.  Avada is also fully RTL compatible.


Label preferences helps you to change the Charts and other labels with out touching the objects. You can use this to translate to suit your company.


You can change the colors of Gantt Chart Bars with one button click. You can choose 10 ready to use color themes or set your own colors.


Options provided to change the width and  styles of the Left Side Menu. You can also edit and change the labels of the Side Navigation Menu.


Many advanced settings provided to protect dashboards, hiding the calculation sheets, sheet tabs, row column headings, zoom level,etc.

More Noteworthy Additions | Requested Features

We didn’t stop there. Here are some more awesome additions to our Advanced Template. A quick reminder that updates to our Advanced Templates are completely free (for one year from date of purchase) to anybody who makes the one time purchase. With every single update we release, we try to accommodate specific user requests where we can. Given the scope of the work that goes into every teeny tiny, or huge update, sometimes this can be a challenge, however we strive to give you what you want, when you need it.




Project Risks & Issues



Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

Our Advanced Project Management Excel Template gives you the ability to plan your tasks and resource Smarter and Faster. The professionally designed template and utilities shown below were entirely from Analysistabs, included options and require no custom coding. You can easily change the design to suit your needs. Enter your plans in the Data Sheet and analyse you Projects, Resource and Tasks using Dashboard and Powerful Section of the template.

Full List of Incredible Features, Additions:


  • Projects
  • Clients
  • Budget
  • All Tasks/Milestones by status
  • All Tasks/Milestones by priority
  • All Tasks/Milestones by complexity
  • Overall Progress of Tasks/Milestones
  • Due, Completed, Progress in – 3 to +7 WEEKS
  • Project Timelines
  • Resource Workload
  • Project Budget, Invoiced,Remaining
  • Billable Expenses
  • Planned Vs Actual Hours
  • Risk Matrix
  • Option to adjust the %figures

  • Outstanding Risks/Issues
  • Risks by Status
  • Risks by Risk Type
  • Risks by Risk Level
  • Risks & Issues by Project


  • Overall Project Progress
  • Option to change Projects

  • Tasks/Milestones Completed vs Pending
  • Hours Planned and Hours Spent
  • Project Budget,Invoiced and Remaining
  • %Progress of Project Tasks and Milestone
  • Project Timeline
  • #Tasks by %Progress
  • Tasks & Risks by Responsible Person
  • Total Outstanding Risks/Issues
  • Project Risks by Type & Level

  • Tasks Due/Starts This Week
  • Tasks Due/Starts Next Week
  • Tasks Due/Starts This Month
  • Tasks Due/Starts Next Month
  • Tasks Due/Starts This Year
  • Tasks Due/Starts Next Year
  • Tasks Due/Starts by Status
  • Tasks Due/Starts by Priority
  • Tasks Due/Starts by Complexity


  • Resource Workload – Total Tasks

  • Resource Workload – Plan Hours

  • Option to Select Resource Name

  • Tasks Assigned to Person

  • Tasks Completed by Person

  • Due This Month, Due Next Month
  • Due This Year, Due Next Year
  • Due | Completed | In Progress in -3 to +7 weeks
  • Tasks & Milestone HeatMaps
  • Option to Toggle Tasks & Milestones

  • Option to Change Year

  • Option to Change Person

  • Option to Change Timeframe

  • Option to Toggle Tasks/Hours

  • HeatMap for specific Year
  • HeatMap for specific Person
  • HeatMap for Planned Tasks
  • HeatMap for Actual Tasks
  • HeatMap for Planned Hours
  • HeatMap for Actual Hours


  • Project Name
  • Responsible Person
  • Status
  • Complexity
  • Priority
  • FLAG
  • Time Frame

  • Time Frame Base


  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly
  • 66 Columns at a time

  • 30 Records  at a time

  • Scroll to zoom in-out


  • Planned Timelines
  • Actual Timelines
  • Planned VS Actuals
  • Planned Progress
  • Actual Progress
  • Baseline Timelines
  • Baseline VS Actuals
  • Baseline Progress


  • Milestones

  • Tasks

  • Color Bars

  • Project Dividers

  • Labels on Gantt

  • Highlight Holidays

  • Scroll Bars Up-Down

  • Scroll Bars Left-Right

General Settings

  • Your Name
  • Your Title
  • Organization
  • Website
  • Email
  • Contact Number
  • Address

Branding Options

  • Brand Logo
  • Link Website to LOGOs
  • Insert LOGO in Exports and Reports

Company Holidays , Weekends & Calendar

  • Show Popup Control For Date Fields
  • Date Field Number Formats
  • Insert The Date in the Range
  • Close Calendar Popup On Date Click
  • Show Control if Previous Cell is Date
  • WeekDay Name Format
  • Show Control ON DOUBLE CLICK
  • Options to List Holidays

  • Options to Set Weekends & Working days

Styling Options

  • Dashboards Heading Background & Font color,size,bold
  • Data sheets Heading Background & Font color,size,bold.
  • Lists & Tools Sheets Heading Background & Font color,size,bold
  • Calculation Sheets Heading Background & Font color,size,bold
  • Export Dashboards Heading Background & Font color,size,bold

Gantt Styling

  • Gantt Chart Bar Styles
  • Custom Color ACTUAL
  • Custom Color PLAN
  • Custom Color INPROGRESS
  • Custom Color COMPLETED
  • Gantt Project Labels Font Color, Size, Bold,Italic

Worksheets Settings

  • Display Worksheet Tabs
  • Hide Calculation Sheets
  • Background color & font colors & size, bold”
  • Worksheet Window Zoom Level
  • Display Row Column Header

Navigation Settings

  • Navigation Type: Index/Side Menu
  • Back to Index Button Label
  • Side Menu Item Background color & font colors & size, bold
  • Active Menu Item Background color & font colors & size, bold
  • Back to Index Button Gradient Background & Text colors, size, bold
  • Side Menu Item Organization
  • Background color & font colors & size, bold”
  • Go to Top of the Sheet on Side Navigation Click
  • Side Menu Width
  • New Side Navigation Title
  • Option to choose Gantt color theme

  • Option to set Gradient Colors

Advanced Settings

  • Protect Dashboards
  • Default Values
  • Bulk Chart Titles Editing
  • Toggle Buttons Fill Colors, Font Colors
  • Gantt Comparison Timeline Field 1
  • Toggle Popup Controls in Data Sheets
  • Aggregate Projects Based on Tasks/Milestones

Click on button to view List of All Data Fields in the Management Sheets. We have provided most possible fields required in a common project management activities. You can add additional fields to the right side of the last column of the data tables.

Click to view list of columns in each data sheet.

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Ultimate Excel Project Management Template is created to simplify the Project Management, Resource Management, Client Management, Milestones & Task Management and Invoice Management. We keep working on the template and release the updated templates by adding more features. You can freely download the latest and updated templates up to one year from date of purchase.

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